Since the creators of Knight Tymes have begun to devote ourselves to our Marketing Training Students we are no longer offering hands on services or custom web design. But below we have provided you with links to the services we do still offer or to people we have entrusted to take over certain services for us.

You can either click on the name of the service or click on it’s graphic to learn more about each specific service.

If there is a specific service you were looking for which you have not found on this page please let us know and we would be happy to help you you may also want to check out the resources page for other options and services.

Print Materials

Print MaterialsThis is a wonderful service that allows you to upload a .jpg of your print ready materials and have them printed and mailed directly to you. We have been using this service in our business for many years and are now thrilled to be able to offer it on a do-it-yourself platform. No more waiting for the designer to get back to you, no more having to meet up with someone or make time to go to an office to pick up your business cards, brochures, letterhead, envelopes, postcards, etc.

Hosting Services

Think of hosting like renting office space on the internet. While your domain name is the address your hosting account is the office space. You need a good solid hosting company to make sure your office is always open for business. We recommend A2 because it is a solid, built to last company that offers the tools you need to have an effective presence online.

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