I Got An Email About My Account Being Full, What Does That Mean?

Did you get an email warning you that your hosting account was full? Or maybe one warning you that it was at 90$? Did you log into your hosting account and notice that red bar along the left side?

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This post will explain what this means and what to do about it.

What It Means:

Your hosting account includes a specific amount of space. If there is too much data inside of your hosting account it becomes full. Similar to the hard drive on your personal computer becoming full if you have too much stored on it.

If your account is becoming full you will be sent an email warning you that it is getting close to capacity. This email is sent automatically by the server.

If you log into your hosting account you will also see the image above along the left side. Normally this area should be green. It may also be yellow if your account is starting to get more data in it. Once it turns red it is getting close to full.

Once your account becomes full your email will stop being received. Each email you receive takes up a bit of space, event simple text emails. Once your account is full there is no more space. So any emails sent to you while your account is full will be “bounced” back to the person who sent it as undeliverable due to your account being full.

What To Do:

1. Clear your email off of the server.
If you are checking your email on multiple systems you may have it set to leave a copy on the server. Doing this leaves your email inside of your hosting account and takes up space. You will want to regularly (once every couple of months or more often depending on how much email you receive) log in to your webmail account and delete all of those emails from your account.

Be sure to also clear out the trash folder when you are deleting these emails.

2. Check for old backups
If you have run backups of your websites or your account and are storing those in your hosting account those will quickly take up space. These should be downloaded to your computer and then deleted from the server.

3. Any images, videos, audios, etc you are uploading might be too large
Whenever you upload a photo or graphic of any kind to your website be sure to make the file size as small as possible before you upload it. Most current website programming will allow you to automatically show images in whatever size you want. However when you upload them they may be VERY large. If you are taking photos directly from your digital camera (or even from your phone) and uploading them to your website, these are HUGE files and should be cut down before they are uploaded to save space in your account.

You can use a free online service like PicMonkey to resize the photos down to no larger than 700 pixels or even smaller depending on what you are planning on doing with them on your website.

For videos or audios you should consider using a hosting account specifically created for these types of files. Places like YouTube or Amazon S3 exist specifically for this type of file storage and there are tools available that allow you to store your files somewhere other than your hosting account but still show them on your website.

Following all of these steps should lower the amount of space you are using on your hosting account and make sure you do not go over the allotted amount.

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