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Billing Questions

How Do I Update My Contact Information with Knight Tymes?
To update the information we have on file for you or your company please submit a support ticket. Tickets can be submitted at http://support.knighttymes.com. Be sure to include your name and your company name as well as the information that needs to be updated.
Hosting - How Do I Make a Hosting Payment?
Credit Card Payments
Company policy states all hosting customers pay their hosting via automatic credit card payment each month. Your payment will automatically be deducted every 30 days from time of signup. If for some reason your card fails we will send you an email notifying you to update your credit card on file and pay the past due invoice.

If you receive an invoice via email and wish to pay it with a credit card you currently have on file with us please reply to the email letting us know that you wish us to use the credit card on file.

If you wish to pay with a different card, please follow the directions on updating your billing credit card here. Your information will be updated and all future charges will be charged to the new card.

Check or Money Order Payments
A few of our long standing clients pay by check or money order. This is only available under special circumstances and with our express approval.

If your company has been approved to pay your Hosting invoices via check or money order:

Make payment payable to Knight Tymes Designs, LLC And mail it to:
Knight Tymes Designs, LLC
1729 SE 176th Ave
Portland, OR 97233

Hosting - What is Your Past Due Hosting Policy?
All hosting invoices are due when the system makes the attempt to charge your monthly fee. If there is an issue with the charge an email will go out to you containing instructions on how to provide updated payment information.

10 Days Past Due: At 10 days past due a $5.00 late fee will be added to the past due invoice and your hosting account will be suspended. No one will be able to view your website and your email accounts will stop working. Once the account is brought current and paid in full everything will be turned back on and begin functioning the way it did before the suspension of services.

30 Days Past Due: Once your hosting account becomes 30 days past due a second $5.00 late fee witll be added to your open invoice and all files will be removed from the server and your account will be terminated. In order to restore services a $150 Reinstatement fee will need to be paid in addition to the past due hosting amount.

If you decide to move to another service and wish to have your files sent to you there will be a $150 fee plus the cost of any past due hosting fees for us to create a Zip file of the content of your hosting account and email it to you.

Hosting - How Do I Change the Credit Card My Hosting is Being Charged on?
If you want to change the credit card that is being charged each month to pay your hosting invoice please follow the directions here to update your billing credit card and all future hosting charges will be paid via the new information provided.
Hosting - I got an email about an issue with my payment, what do I do?
The email you received will provide you with instructions on how to update your information so that the system can retry processing your payment and bring your account current.

If you feel you need more assistance please submit a support ticket at http://support.knighttymes.com with your questions and the support team will be happy to assist you.

Hosting - How Do I Cancel My Hosting Account?
We are sorry to see you go.

Please a support ticket containing the following information at http://support.knighttymes.com.

Your name, your company name, your domain name, the exact date you wish to cancel (please note all email will cease to function and all files will be deleted from the server on the date you provide.), Why you wish to cancel and your name and title.

This ticket must come from the contact person on your account that we have been working with up until the time. You will receive a reply confirming you were canceled.

**NOTE: If you do not get this reply within 2 business days then we did not receive your cancellation request. Please do not assume your account is canceled until you have received a confirmation stating we have canceled your account.

You will be held responsible for all charges occurring on your account until we receive your support ticket canceling your account and have emailed you a cancellation confirmation.

How Do I Pay Invoices for Non-Hosting Related Work?
An invoice will be emailed to you once the work is completed. All invoices sent to you via email are due upon receipt. Within the email and on the invoice there will be directions on how to pay the invoice.

If you wish to pay the invoice with a credit card you currently have on file with us please reply to the email letting us know you wish us to use the credit card on file. If you wish to pay with a different card, please call us at 623-961-2391 during office hours and we will be happy to take the needed information from you.

Check payments can be made out to Knight Tymes Designs, LLC and mailed to:
Knight Tymes Designs, LLC
1729 SE 176th Ave
Portland Oregon 97233

Payments via Paypal can be sent to sales@knighttymes.com through the paypal system.

What is Your Past Due Invoice (Non-Hosting) Policy?
All invoices are due upon receipt. We allow 30 days to pay past due (Non-hosting related) invoices. If invoices are not paid within 30 days any and all services provided will be reversed and all future projects will require 100% pre-payment before any work will begin. This includes web site updates.

Also a $5.00 late fee will be added for each 30 day period the invoice s not paid starting at the end of the first 30 days.

Domain Name Questions

What is My Domain Name?
A domain name is your unique address on the Internet. Domain name registration allows you to take ownership of that domain name by registering it with an approved domain names registrar.

Businesses typically register domain names with their company name or their product names, while individuals often register domain names with their family names or names that have a personal interest to them.

Domain names have two parts: the label and the extension, separated by a ‘dot.’ For example, in the domain name NetworkSolutions.com, ‘Network Solutions’ is the label and ‘com’ is the extension (also called the “top-level domain” or “TLD”).