Important Things to Remember

This article is an overview of tips and tricks that will make working with your site easier.

Please read through this article thoroughly before starting to make any changes within the admin area of your site as we have found that people who do not have this information have many difficulties when working in their sites.

We HIGHLY recommend using FireFox when editing your site. We have found that if you use the internet browser FireFox when working within your admin area there are less issues. This is for a number of reasons. But FireFox is completely free to download, install and use. So please follow the link above to download and install this browser.

Even though it may look like Microsoft Word, it isn’t – The pages and buttons you will be using to edit your site will feel very much like a typical word processing program. But it is not and will behave differently.

DO NOT copy and paste directly from a word processing program – again even though it may look very similar it isn’t. Word processing programs use their own form of coding to make things look the way you want them to. When you copy and paste from them they take their coding with them. This coding is NOT internet coding and will confuse and jumble up the coding on your web site.

We recommend using your word processing program to type up your verbiage, spell check it and grammar check it. Get all of the wording just the way you want it, then copy and past it into notepad, THEN copy and paste from notepad into your web site. Notepad will remove the extra coding that your word processor adds to your text.

Once you have pasted from notepad to your web site, then you can format the text the way you want it. (Left align, right align, center, bold, underline, etc.)

The ENTER key creates 2 lines not one – again this is the internet, not MS Word. So when you are at the end of a paragraph and you want to go to the next line, pressing enter will add 2 lines not one. If you want to go to the very next line press SHIFT+ENTER. This will take you down to the next line.

For security, the system will log you out after 10 minutes of not saving – This will happen with no warning. Be sure to click the apply button often. Doing this will save (and post) what you are working on. If you are on a page, typing in your text and take more than 10 minutes, when you go to click apply or save you will be taken to the log in screen. Everything you have just done (since the last time you clicked apply or save) will be lost.

If this tutorial (or the knowledge base) says – this is a reference point. Anytime it says or you need to replace those words with your actual domain name. For example: if your web address is then would be

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