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Knight Tymes DesignsKnight Tymes Designs was started in 1996 with the desire to help small businesses and individuals, break into the new era of the World Wide Web and level the playing field. In today’s world we can all probably say we know someone who “knows how to do web pages”.

We also may know a lot of people who say they can change the brakes on your car, but are you going to trust just anyone with your brakes? Then why trust just anyone with your business? Your web site is your storefront that the entire world will see.

Over the years our focus has changed as we have moved more into an education arena and moved more fully into the marketing world.

We found that some people would create a website with us and a couple of months later they would be back with the same question… “Okay, I love my new site…but now what?”

So we developed another company specifically to answer that question. It is called Your Marketing University and is definitely our new baby 🙂

We LOVE our Training Programs since they allow us the ability to teach business people and entrepreneurs HOW to market their business and where their website fits in to their marketing mix.

With this in mind we have rethought the goals of this site and have changed it to be a place of education and resources to help you navigate through the Web Design and Website world. Please feel free to look around, use the resources, download the free tools and be sure to ask us if you have any questions.

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